These are Crumbs Cake Boutique's starting prices and should be used as a guide.   Cakes generally start at $8/slice depending on design and complexity.
 For a more accurate quote, please don't hesitate to contact us.  There is a $1,000 Minimum Order which can combination of cake and accompanying desserts.

wedding cakes:
3 tiered cakes start at $336 
4 tiered cakes start at $640

buttercream swirl: start at $36/dozen
fondant decoration: start at $48/dozen 

 mini cakes & Cake spheres:
fondant iced cakes with decoration: start at $10/each (serves 2 each)

other desserts:
cake pops: start at $24/dozen
macarons: start at $36/dozen
sugar cookies: start at $36/dozen
cake shots: start at $60/dozen
cakesicles: start at $48/dozen
Cake Gems: Start at $24/dozen

portion guide

these are our most popular tiered cake sizes, other sizes available upon request. 

(based on 1'x2"X5" slices)
6"/8"| Round: 36 servings | square: 50 servings

4"/6"/8"| round: 42 servings | square; 58 servings
5"/7"/9"| | round: 55 Servings | square: 76 servings 
6"/8"/10" -  | round: 74 Servings | square: 100 servings
4"/6"/8"/10" | round: 80 Servings | square: 108 servings
4"/6"/8"/10"/12"| round: 136 Servings | square: 180 servings  

cake stand Rentals: 
included with the cost of the cake.  refundable security deposit required.
delivery is included within tucson city limits. please contact us for a detailed quote for outside the area..